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National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association

University of California, Santa Barbara GauchosDivision I



Schedule & Results

Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Oct 2710:00AMSan Jose, CARegSaddleback College (JC)Lost 4-5Final (OT)
Oct 276:00PMSan Jose, CARegArizona State Won 4-3Final
Oct 279:00PMSan Jose, CARegCSU Fullerton (D2)Lost 6-8Final
Oct 2810:00AMSan Jose, CARegat San Jose State (D2)Won 5-4Final
Nov 1710:00AMHuntington Beach, CANonLindenwood Lost 3-10Final
Nov 172:00PMHuntington Beach, CANonFlorida Gulf Coast Lost 3-8Final
Nov 174:00PMHuntington Beach, CARegChico State (D2)Lost 3-4Final
Nov 1811:00AMHuntington Beach, CARegat Saddleback College (JC)Lost 2-3Final
Jan 1210:00AMCorona, CARegat Chico State (D2)Won 9-3Final
Jan 1212:00PMCorona, CANonCortland (D2)Lost 1-5Final
Jan 123:00PMCorona, CARegat West Valley College (JC)Won 11-1Final
Jan 128:00PMCorona, CARegCal Poly (D2)Lost 4-5Final
Jan 139:00AMCorona, CARegat Cal Poly (D2)Won 6-5Final (OT)
Feb 24:00PMQueen Creek, AZRegat Northern Arizona (D2)Won 7-4Final
Feb 26:00PMQueen Creek, AZRegat Arizona (D2)Won 8-3Final
Feb 210:00PMQueen Creek, AZRegat Arizona State Lost 2-5Final
Feb 162:00PMHuntington Beach, CARegat Northern Arizona (D2)Won 7-4Final
Feb 165:00PMHuntington Beach, CARegArizona State Lost 2-7Final
Feb 168:00PMHuntington Beach, CARegat CSU Fullerton (D2)Lost 5-8Final
Feb 179:00AMHuntington Beach, CARegat Saddleback College (JC)Won 5-4Final (OT)
Mar 212:00PMCorona, CAPlaat Arizona State Lost 2-3Final (OT)
Mar 24:00PMCorona, CAPlaArizona State Won 4-2Final
Mar 210:00PMCorona, CAPlaat Arizona State Lost 2-3Final
Apr 111:15PMRochester, NYPlaat Michigan State Lost 0-4Final
Apr 116:30PMRochester, NYPlaat Slippery Rock Lost 0-7Final
Apr 1210:00AMRochester, NYPlaBethel Lost 1-9Final
Apr 124:30PMRochester, NYPlaat Farmingdale Lost 2-7Final

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