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National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association

University of Colorado BuffaloesDivision III



Schedule & Results

Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Oct 11:00PMLakewood, COExhat Colorado at C. Springs BlackWon 10-0Final
Oct 14:00PMLakewood, COExhColorado State GreenLost 2-3Final
Oct 17:00PMLakewood, COExhat Metro State - Denver Lost 2-4Final
Oct 210:00AMLakewood, COExhColorado State GreenLost 0-1Final
Oct 154:00PMLakewood, CORegat Colorado State GreenWon 4-3Final
Oct 156:00PMLakewood, CORegat Arapahoe CC (JC)Won 7-0Final
Oct 2910:00AMColorado Springs, CORegat Colorado at C. Springs BlackWon 8-3Final
Oct 2912:00PMColorado Springs, CORegMetro State - Denver Lost 2-3Final
Dec 29:00PMLakewood, CORegArapahoe CC (JC)Won 7-2Final
Dec 31:00PMLakewood, CORegColorado at C. Springs BlackWon 8-4Final
Dec 33:00PMLakewood, CORegMetro State - Denver Won 4-1Final
Dec 35:00PMLakewood, CORegat Colorado State GreenLost 4-6Final
Jan 212:00PMLakewood, CORegArapahoe CC (JC)Won 10-4Final
Jan 216:00PMLakewood, CORegat Colorado at C. Springs BlackWon 12-5Final
Jan 2911:00AMFort Collins, CORegat Colorado State GreenWon 6-1Final
Jan 291:00PMFort Collins, CORegMetro State - Denver Won 6-3Final
Feb 116:00PMLakewood, CORegDenver CrimsonWon 10-1Final
Feb 118:00PMLakewood, CORegArapahoe CC (JC)Won 5-3Final
Feb 185:00PMLakewood, CORegat Colorado at C. Springs BlackLost 4-6Final
Feb 188:00PMLakewood, CORegMetro State - Denver Tied 4-4Final
Mar 27:30PMLakewood, COPlaColorado at C. Springs BlackWon 8-0Final
Mar 311:00AMLakewood, COPlaMetro State - Denver Won 4-2Final
Apr 127:00AMKearns, UTPlaMetro State - Denver Won 6-2Final
Apr 139:00AMKearns, UTPlaNorth Texas Won 8-2Final
Apr 1311:45PMKearns, UTPlaat Grand Valley State Won 6-1Final
Apr 142:15PMKearns, UTPlaat Cal Poly Won 5-4Final (OT)
Apr 149:45PMKearns, UTPlaat Michigan State Won 5-3Final
Apr 1510:00AMKearns, UTPlaWest Chester Lost 1-7Final

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