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Events for April 2012
Day Name Location
11th2012 Collegiate Roller Hockey ChampionshipsKearns, UT
Games for April 13, 2012
Time Rink Location Div Type Home Away Status
7:00AMMKearns, UTD3PlaArizona State - 2Michigan State - 2Final
7:00AMRKearns, UTD3PlaLindenwood - 4West Chester - 3Final
8:00AMMKearns, UTD3PlaUCF - 2Cal Poly - 1Final
8:00AMRKearns, UTD3PlaSt. Charles CC - 1UC Santa Barbara - 5Final
9:00AMMKearns, UTD3PlaMetro State - Denver - 4Grand Valley State - 9Final
9:00AMRKearns, UTD3PlaColorado - 8North Texas - 2Final
10:00AMMKearns, UTD1PlaLindenwood - 7Arizona State - 2Final
10:00AMRKearns, UTD1PlaOhio State - 1UNLV - 3Final
11:00AMMKearns, UTD1PlaWest Chester - 2Neumann - 3Final
11:00AMRKearns, UTD1PlaMichigan State - 7Towson - 0Final
12:15PMMKearns, UTD1PlaCal Poly - 1UCF - 2Final (OT)
12:15PMRKearns, UTD1PlaUC Santa Barbara - 2Eastern Michigan - 3Final
1:15PMMKearns, UTD1PlaBethel - 2UMSL - 1Final (OT)
1:15PMRKearns, UTD1PlaLong Beach State - 10North Carolina State - 1Final
2:15PMMKearns, UTD2PlaNortheastern - 3Maryville University - 1Final
2:15PMRKearns, UTD2PlaChico State - 8Binghamton - 6Final
3:15PMMKearns, UTD2PlaCentral Michigan - 3Pittsburgh - 3Final
3:15PMRKearns, UTD2PlaUC Santa Cruz - 4Kennesaw State - 5Final
4:30PMMKearns, UTD1PlaLindenwood - 4UNLV - 5Final (OT)
4:30PMRKearns, UTD2PlaKansas State - 6Texas State - San Marcos - 3Final
5:30PMMKearns, UTD1PlaNeumann - 2Michigan State - 6Final
5:30PMRKearns, UTD2PlaColorado - 7Florida - 3Final
6:30PMMKearns, UTJCPlaSaddleback College - 3St. Charles CC - 5Final
6:30PMRKearns, UTJCPlaSanta Barbara CC - 1Front Range CC - 1Final
7:30PMMKearns, UTD1PlaEastern Michigan - 6UCF - 5Final
7:30PMRKearns, UTD3PlaMichigan State - 7Lindenwood - 3Final
8:45PMMKearns, UTD1PlaLong Beach State - 4Bethel - 5Final
8:45PMRKearns, UTD3PlaWest Chester - 7Arizona State - 10Final
9:45PMMKearns, UTJCPlaSanta Barbara CC - 4St. Louis CC - 6Final
9:45PMRKearns, UTJCPlaFront Range CC - 2St. Charles CC - 14Final
10:45PMMKearns, UTD3PlaUC Santa Barbara - 6UCF - 4Final
10:45PMRKearns, UTD3PlaCal Poly - 3St. Charles CC - 4Final
11:45PMMKearns, UTD3PlaGrand Valley State - 1Colorado - 6Final
11:45PMRKearns, UTD3PlaNorth Texas - 2Metro State - Denver - 8Final

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