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National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association

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WCRHL Regular Season and Inter-Conference Event

Season: 2018-2019 Date: November 17, 2018
Type: Tournament Facility: The Rinks - Huntington Beach Inline (Huntington Beach, CA)
Event Details

WCRHL welcomes Lindenwood University and Florida Gulf Coast University to this Inter-Conference Event!

Saturday, November 17th
Time Rink Div Type Home Away Status
8:00AMBD4RegCal Poly Pomona Northern Arizona Preview
8:00AMM-RegUCLA (D3)Cal Poly Gold(D4)Preview
9:00AMBD2RegArizona Chico State Preview
9:00AMMD4RegArizona State Lindenwood GoldPreview
9:00AMRD2RegCal Poly Northern Arizona Preview
10:00AMBD4RegCal Poly GoldNorthern Arizona Preview
10:00AMMD1RegUC Santa Barbara Lindenwood Preview
10:00AMR-RegCal Poly Pomona (D3)Arizona (D4)Preview
11:00AMBD2RegCSU Fullerton Chico State Preview
11:00AMMD1RegArizona State Florida Gulf Coast Preview
11:00AMR-RegCal Poly Pomona (D4)UCLA (D3)Preview
12:00PMB-RegUC Irvine (D3)Arizona (D4)Preview
12:00PMMD2RegCal Poly Arizona Preview
12:00PMRD4RegCSU Fullerton UC Santa Barbara Preview
1:00PMBD2RegCSU Fullerton San Jose State Preview
1:00PMMD4RegArizona State Florida Gulf Coast Preview
1:00PMR-RegNorthern Arizona (D2)West Valley College (JC)Preview
2:00PMMD1RegUC Santa Barbara Florida Gulf Coast Preview
2:00PMRD4RegCal Poly Pomona CSU Fullerton Preview
3:00PMMD1RegArizona State Lindenwood Preview
3:00PMR-RegUC Irvine (D3)West Valley College (JC)Preview
4:00PMM-RegUC Santa Barbara (D1)Chico State (D2)Preview
4:00PMR-RegCal Poly Pomona (D3)Northern Arizona (D4)Preview
5:00PMMD4RegFlorida Gulf Coast Lindenwood GoldPreview
5:00PMRD2RegNorthern Arizona Arizona Preview
6:00PMMD1RegFlorida Gulf Coast Lindenwood Preview
6:00PMR-RegCal Poly Pomona (D3)West Valley College (JC)Preview
7:00PMM-RegSaddleback College (JC)Arizona State (D1)Preview
7:00PMR-RegUC Irvine (D3)CSU Fullerton (D4)Preview
8:00PMMD2RegNorthern Arizona Chico State Preview
8:00PMRD4RegNorthern Arizona Arizona Preview
9:00PMM-RegSaddleback College (JC)Florida Gulf Coast (D1)Preview
9:00PMRD4RegCal Poly Pomona Arizona State Preview
10:00PMMD4RegUC Santa Barbara Florida Gulf Coast Preview
10:00PMR-RegLong Beach State (D3)West Valley College (JC)Preview
11:00PMMD4RegArizona Lindenwood GoldPreview
11:00PMRD3RegUC Irvine Cal Poly Pomona Preview

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