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National Collegiate Roller Hockey Association

League Documents

2018-2019 Registration

Enrollment Verification

To be completed by all teams for each semester of play. Teams must complete a new form for Nationals.

Updated 09/01/2018
Graduate Student Form

Additional Enrollment Form, to be completed by all Graduate students, for each semester of play

Updated 09/01/2018
School Acknowledgement

To be completed by all teams, once per year. Request to be sent to the address of your Conference.

Updated 09/01/2018

Governing Documents


Contains information on procedures related to business operations and the NCRHA Board of Directors.

Updated 02/26/2018
Division I Glove Colors

PDF provides details on the Division I glove requirement. See NCRHA LOM for full details.

Updated 02/26/2018
League Operations Manual

2018-2019 Edition. Includes information on divisions, school/team membership and player eligibility.

Updated 10/13/2018
NCRHA Rulebook

2018-2019 Edition. Contains rules and regulations related to game play.

Updated 09/25/2018

All Documents

Building a Program

Building a Solid Foundation - A Guide for Growing a College Roller Hockey Program

Updated 08/22/2007
College Roller Hockey FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about Collegiate Roller Hockey and the NCRHA

Updated 08/14/2014
Future Players Signup

Got info about playing in college from conferences and teams of your choice!

NCRHA PowerPoint

Presentation for educating youth and high school programs about collegiate roller hockey.

Updated 10/01/2010

Official NCRHA Scoresheet

Updated 10/04/2005

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