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Schedule & Results

Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Oct 233:00PMGrandview Heights, OHRegMichigan State Lost 0-1Box Score
Oct 234:00PMGrandview Heights, OHRegMichigan Lost 0-1Box Score
Oct 235:00PMGrandview Heights, OHRegOhio State Lost 0-1Box Score
Oct 236:00PMGrandview Heights, OHRegGrand Valley State Lost 0-1Box Score
Nov 129:00AMGrandville, MIRegat Ohio State Lost 7-9Box Score
Nov 123:15PMGrandville, MIRegMichigan State Lost 2-10Box Score
Nov 127:15PMGrandville, MIRegat Grand Valley State Lost 0-9Box Score
Nov 138:00AMGrandville, MIRegMichigan Lost 4-5Box Score
Jan 219:00AMWest Bloomfield, MIRegat Michigan Won 12-7Box Score
Jan 211:00PMWest Bloomfield, MIRegGrand Valley State Tied 5-5Box Score
Jan 215:00PMWest Bloomfield, MIRegat Ohio State Lost 4-9Box Score
Jan 2211:00AMWest Bloomfield, MIRegMichigan State Lost 3-7Box Score
Feb 41:00PMPalatine, ILNonat Stony Brook Won 10-4Box Score
Feb 44:00PMPalatine, ILNonat Illinois Won 10-6Box Score
Feb 512:00PMPalatine, ILExhCentral Michigan (D2)Won 7-4Box Score
Feb 189:00AMWest Bloomfield, MIRegOhio State Won 8-5Box Score
Feb 182:00PMWest Bloomfield, MIRegat Michigan State Won 5-3Box Score
Feb 187:00PMWest Bloomfield, MINonBuffalo Won 10-4Box Score
Feb 199:00AMWest Bloomfield, MIRegGrand Valley State Lost 3-5Box Score
Feb 191:00PMWest Bloomfield, MIRegat Michigan Won 7-3Box Score
Mar 39:00AMShelby Township, MIPlaMichigan Won 11-1Box Score
Mar 31:00PMShelby Township, MIPlaat Michigan State Lost 3-6Box Score
Mar 34:00PMShelby Township, MIPlaMichigan Won 6-4Box Score
Mar 38:00PMShelby Township, MIPlaat Grand Valley State Lost 2-5Box Score
Apr 1111:00AMKearns, UTPlaat UMSL Lost 1-7Box Score
Apr 116:30PMKearns, UTPlaat UNLV Lost 4-6Box Score
Apr 1211:00AMKearns, UTPlaNeumann Won 10-5Box Score
Apr 1210:45PMKearns, UTPlaConnecticut Won 6-1Box Score
Apr 1312:15PMKearns, UTPlaat UC Santa Barbara Won 3-2Box Score
Apr 137:30PMKearns, UTPlaUCF Won 6-5Box Score
Apr 141:15PMKearns, UTPlaBethel Lost 3-5Box Score

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