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Schedule & Results

Date Time Location Type Opponent Result Status
Oct 223:00PMWright City, MORegat Missouri State (D1)Won 4-2Box Score
Oct 2311:00AMWright City, MORegIllinois (D1)Lost 6-8Box Score
Oct 231:00PMWright City, MORegat St. Charles CC (JC)Lost 5-10Box Score
Nov 48:00PMBallwin, MORegat Mizzou (D1)Won 9-1Box Score
Nov 68:00AMWright City, MORegat UMSL (D1)Lost 2-5Box Score
Nov 119:00PMBallwin, MORegat Missouri S&T (D1)Won 6-2Box Score
Nov 122:00PMWright City, MORegIllinois (D1)Won 4-1Box Score
Nov 1310:00AMWright City, MORegMizzou (D1)Won 10-1Box Score
Jan 2811:00AMMt. Pleasant, PAExhat West Chester Won 9-4Box Score
Jan 283:00PMMt. Pleasant, PAExhat Hofstra Won 8-1Box Score
Jan 286:00PMMt. Pleasant, PAExhat Penn State Won 9-1Box Score
Jan 2911:00AMMt. Pleasant, PAExhat Michigan State Lost 1-5Box Score
Feb 106:00PMBallwin, MORegat St. Louis CC (JC)Tied 3-3Box Score
Feb 1111:00AMWright City, MORegBethel (D1)Lost 2-6Box Score
Feb 114:00PMWright City, MORegat St. Louis CC (JC)Lost 6-8Box Score
Feb 121:00PMWright City, MORegLindenwood BlackWon 4-1Box Score
Feb 2411:00PMBallwin, MORegUMSL (D1)Lost 6-8Box Score
Feb 2511:00AMWright City, MORegMissouri S&T (D1)Won 8-0Box Score
Feb 258:00PMBallwin, MOPlaat Missouri State Won 10-0Box Score
Feb 269:00AMBallwin, MOPlaLindenwood BlackWon 4-3Box Score
Feb 263:00PMBallwin, MOPlaSt. Louis CC Won 4-3Box Score
Apr 129:00AMKearns, UTPlaArizona State Lost 3-6Box Score
Apr 137:00AMKearns, UTPlaWest Chester Won 4-3Box Score
Apr 137:30PMKearns, UTPlaat Michigan State Lost 3-7Box Score
Apr 1410:45PMKearns, UTPlaMetro State - Denver Won 7-0Box Score
Apr 1510:00AMKearns, UTPlaat Arizona State Won 8-3Box Score
Apr 151:30PMKearns, UTPlaat West Chester Won 7-1Box Score

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